As an expert from Ceramic Pro, I have come across many clients who complain about their ceramic coating jobs earlier than expected. This is because, while most car owners love the excellent gloss and finish that car has after ceramic coating, they certainly fail to take adequate post coating care. Thus they end up feeling disappointed. Maintaining a ceramic coating is not actually so difficult. Here are our top secrets to maintain a ceramically coated car and make sure it looks good for a long time.

Know that the ceramic coating is different than a regular car wash. And so it needs a different kind of maintenance. Having said that, ceramic coating maintenance is not that difficult. In fact, you can quite easily keep the coating glossy and shiny for a really long time without much effort. Once you have already got your car coated from a certified dealer, let’s jump right to the protection part. the first thing you need to care about is the curing process.

The curing process

It is imperative to let the fresh coating cure as specified by the dealer.

After coating is important to let the coating cure for a period of time specified by the certified detailer or the ceramic coating company’s curing instructions. In the curing period, the coating is still soft and can be easily weakened. Usually, after 48 hours, it will harden but to cure it completely, three to four weeks is necessary depending on the outside temperature and humidity where the car is parked. If any kind of contaminant such as bird droppings, tree sap, water, etc. is exposed, car owners need to get rid of them immediately. If possible, the car should be kept away from rain, water sprinklers, direct sunlight and any kind of chemicals during this time.


Now that the initial curing period is over, you can continue using your car as usual. However, though ceramic coating provides self-cleaning properties, you still need to maintain coating to keep your car shiny and glossy. Use only prescribed products in prescribed quantities and frequency for best results. One of the easiest ways to maintain a ceramic coating is a three-step process of Wash-Maintain-Rejuvenate.


There are a variety of touchless, hand wash or rinse less methods, that are popular to maintain the coating.

Hand Wash method

For the hand wash method, start with rinsing the car using water to remove any surface dirt and debris. Then use snow foam shampoo with a foam cannon and let it sit for five minutes to loosen up dirt particles. Rinse off the car starting from the wheels. If you are using buckets, use a safe two bucket system – one wash and the other rinses. Use a high-quality car wash mitt to gently wash off the car and dry using a waffle-weave micro fibre drying towel. You can also choose to blow dry areas such as crevices or door handles.

Rinse-less method

The rinse-less method is very easy and fast but is effective only if there is no heavy soil, dirt or mud deposits on lower panels. Use a 5-gallon bucket with a grit guard. Add four gallons of water then add a rinse-less car wash soap into the bucket. Use a microfibre towel for drying. You can also use a car wash mitt for better results.


Whatever method you choose to use, experts recommend avoiding washing your car under direct sunlight if possible. This helps to prevent products from directly drying on the paint. If you can’t avoid direct sun, make sure to wash, rinse off and dry panels frame by frame. Use shampoos that contain a neutral pH and are safe for ceramic coating. Avoid shampoos that contain wax or sealants.


Use a maintenance spray or silicon dioxide spray sealant to seal and rejuvenate the coating. You can use a soft micro fibre towel to wipe the sealant on the coating. This will help to maintain and protect the coating. For the best results, use only recommended products and follow these steps every two to three months.

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