The Right Cleaning Materials and tools

Many of you do not know exactly what cleaning materials and tools are needed to clean the interior of your car. Many questions arise like where do I start? Which ones do I use to clean the seat of my car?. I’m going to let you know exactly the equipment you need to start the cleaning process of your car.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner and attachments
  2. Cleaning Products
  3. Basic Wiping and Polishing materials
  4. Different sizes of Brushes

Now that you know the materials you need to start cleaning the interior of your car lets start with tip one.

Always finish with Floor Mats or Carpets.
This Tip is probably the most important one. Usually, the Mats are the dirtiest place in your car. So, People like to start with the mats and carpet first. We at GDC don’t recommend that as and when you clean your seats the dirt will fall on the carpet and floor. So always make sure you do the Floor Mats and Carpets in the end.

Start By removing all the coins, papers, junk food and other objects that might be on the nook and corner of the Interior floor. Make sure you don’t miss anything. Remove your floor mat and vacuum clean the dusty carpet using the various nozzles by alternating between the Sizes. This will ensure you get all the crevices and the area around it. Make sure you get all the sand off those carpets.

Once that is done take the Floor mat away from the car and give it a good shake. This should make sure most of the dirt is out. Spray the aerator solution onto your Floor Mats. After application let it set for 5 minutes and then give it a good rinse with water. Then dry your floor mat under the sun for a couple of hours and your floor mat is clean and should look brand new.

Cleaning Seats is a subtle skill.

The most common materials used to make car seats are Leather, vinyl and cloth. Notice that each requires a different type of cleaning method. So first know which material you car seat is made out off. But one thing is common in the cleaning process. Before starting out, make sure you vacuum the complete seat this removes most of the dust on your seat.

Let’s start with leather seats. Leather seats are beautiful and show a sign of luxury but Leather seats are also difficult to maintain especially if your seats are of lighter colours.

White leather seats become yellow or brownish over time and basically loses its look.

Fortunately, A good leather cleaning solution can solve this a solution like  Ceramic Pro Leather. Get your vehicle to GDC and experience Ceramic coating for the interior of your car. This will make maintaining the interior of your car extremely simple. The colour never fades away. The seats do not stain and even if it does you can simply wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Ceramic coating is more for a permanent solution. If the interior of your car is not Ceramic coated. There are other top temporary solutions like  “leather seat cleaners”. Apply that onto your seat by either spraying or wiping with a fresh cloth. Then wipe in the solution with a fresh towel. Keep flipping the towel and make sure you constantly use the cleaner side. Let it sit for a couple of hours and then take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the seats. You now have clean leather seats.


Vinyl seats are very easy to take care of compared to leather seats. Unlike leather seats, you don’t need an exclusive vinyl cleaner to wash the dirt away from your seats. A glass cleaner or any other household cleaning solution will do the trick. Make sure you wipe down the nukes and edges of the seat and then let it dry. Use a secondary fresh dry cloth after a couple of hours and wipe it dry. Ceramic coating from Ceramic Pro gives you a permanent solution to keep the dirt away. Ideally, GDC recommends you to get your car Ceramic coated to make interior cleaning a piece of cake.

The cloth is probably a bit more complicated then vinyl. Before you start you should asses many factors like if your cloth has deep stains, does it give out a bad odour according to this we decide whether a normal cleaner or a multipurpose cleaner is required. It’s best to use a perfumed multipurpose cleaner. Make sure you use a strong multipurpose cleaner.


Forward or front panel.

The first thing you see when you enter the car. It consists of a bunch of vents, nobs and switches which can get pretty dusty. It can get pretty irritating to clean them properly and remove the dust.  But we have the right tools.

Let’s start with the dashboard. It’s usually made up of different materials Like leather or vinyl which makes it usually the more difficult interior part to clean, Some cars have angled windshields which make it hard to get to those difficult places to clean.

Start by a complete vacuum clean of the entire dashboard before applying any cleaning product to it. This will vacuum out most of the dust. Then apply a cleaning solution to the dashboard and let it dry.


The console must be treated with the utmost care. The multiple fragile buttons must not be affected or damaged while cleaning this console. Use a toothbrush and apply cleaning solution on it. Gently brush the console and simultaneously wipe it with a thin cloth The cloth can also be substituted with cotton. This will remove all the dirt from your console and give you a brand new like shiny console.

Air vents are tedious to clean but not very difficult to clean. Take a separate brush and wipe out the vents and grills. This should get most of the dust but if you are looking for a brand new look then use a jet air compression machine to clean these areas.

The Door panels are the dirtiest part

Door panels are usually made of multiple elements of the car, usually a combination of the materials used in the dashboard or other interior parts of the car.  This is also the dirtiest as it has cup holders and other open compartments. Which has the tendency to occupy the most dirt.

Remove whatever you can remove with your hand. Then use a powerful vacuum and clean out all the dust, A powerful cleaning solution is required to take off all the harmful dirt and chemicals in your door panels. Spray it on and wipe with a fresh towel.  

This should help in cleaning the door panels and make it look brand new.